What's This Tao All About?

A lighthearted Taoism podcast hosted by a Tao Master and curious writer.

Month: December 2015

Dr. Carl Totton’s New Book – Out Now!

StressDr. Carl Totton and two of his friends have just released new book to help you combat stress.

The Book on Internal STRESS Release teaches you to condition your body’s neural pathways to establish a new stress-free life!

Also learn how to create:

  • Stress relief at the neurological level
  • The ability to access your inner core by tapping into an area that can positively affect your overall well-being
  • Perpetual mental-physical rejuvenation
  • Learn more here >>

We’re Taking a Break for the Holidays!

Dr. Carl Totton and Tod Perry will be back with more “What’s This Tao All About?” in early January. ‘Til then, if you have a questions, email us and we’ll answer them on the show when we return. Email your questions to tod.perry@yahoo.com.